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Strips Systems

The Strips System is an ideal consumer product for their Flight Simulator community... this product uses a custom format and template and allocates many useful features such as annotations, scratchpads, edits, handoffs, and more... this system allows the licenser to moderate the system and allocate moderation roles and access to their system... contact us for more information...

Strips for OFN Strips for CWATC

Training System

The Training System is a great system for the teaching aspects of Flight Simulation communities... this product is a group of amazing functions and features for taking exams, reviewing exams, viewing CBTs, and much more... well developed and many functions, this is a good utilization for your community...

fsATC Training Site

ATIS Bots for Discord

The ATIS allocates the use of METAR decoding from official sources... per the updates in Flight Simulator X, real-world weather is absorbing into the mainstream servers and this bot perfectly utilizes an automated system to allow for quick configuration and instaneous use when the on button is pressed...

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